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Garth Hudson Visits Big Pink - 2014

From the Village to the Basement.

Narrated by Jeff Bridges
(my contribution was concept of and actually opening Basement door)

Some original music associated with, some produced @ Big Pink

Hooligaan-Splinterz "Wendal Sessions"

Guitar based Jam-band rock recorded in 1989 in Wendall MA. A "splinter" group of the seminal regionally notorious original Hooligan Band, one of the early bands of genre at that time in the North East, inspired by the Grateful Dead and other SF bands - becoming know as "Jam Band" music. Hooligan was (and still is) an amalgam of SF rock, Johnny Cash alt country, Rolling Stones insouciant rock, born in the era of disco & New Wave, with a harder hitting approach than later jam -bands, lyrical, funny, deep but with a sardonic twinkle, seldom taking themselves too seriously.

This EP "saved" the Hooligan Band from extinction in the '80s and inspired a series of legendary reunion weekends at Bucksteep Manor in Berkshires in the early-mid 90s, continuing with their "house band" status in the Basement since 1999.

The "Splinterz" EP/CD features Hooligan cult favorites "Beggar's Tomb (Long Long Way)", "Wide Eyed Railman", "Robert E. Lee (a ship called)", and "Lover's Bay", featuring songs written by Don LaSala and John Stevens/Carl Holt (lyricist).

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Don LaSala solo produced CD "Home Brew"

Folk Rock collection, with some Hooligan Band favorites done in "unplugged" acoustic fashion along with Catskill/Adirondack inspired tunes such as "28 Degrees in Saugerties" and "Sparking Dome".

With a voice that resembles Ric Ocasek's, though more weathered and windswept, LaSala sings his songs, which often refer to his life in and around the Catskills and Adirondacks, and the emotional ties that pin down most men's lives. Universal truths, for the most part, but LaSala a talented writer, with no shortage of interesting viewpoints, and he wraps them up in solid melodies, and doesn't forget to pack the hooks.

He's also a fine guitarist, and the songs on "Home Brew" resound with his strings — both acoustic and electric. Standout tracks can be found throughout; "Sparkling Dome" is a delightful paean to the night sky, the title track a rustic bootlegger's anthem and "What's Wrong With Me" rocks with barroom abandon. "Railman (Wide Eyed)" is a Hooligan Band favourite, and here it's recorded with a laidback Stonesy swagger, and "28 Degrees in Saugerties" is radio-friendly American folk-rock.

Leicester Bangs, from the UK

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Hooligan Band: "In the Pink"

Original tunes from the cultic seminal North East jam band, orignating in 1979. These tunes were recorded in Big Pink Basement in the early 2000's: they feature tunes from the Hooligan band's songwriters John Stevens, Carl Mateo and Don LaSala, "Summer's Gone", "Something Real (Gimme...)" and a notable performance of my old tune, a Hooliganband favorite, "Velvet Blue".

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See video performances of Velvet Blue and Crazyman by the Hooligan Band, from 2005, live in the Basement:


Original 70's style NYC rock in roll by Don LaSala & Mike Cefola:

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