The muse of inspiration still shines forth in the unexpected everyday kind of ways:
the slant of light through the trees, spring peepers punctuating the night with nature’s own music and musings.
A flock of wild turkeys arrayed on the leave-srewn woodland hillside out back. The barred owl again soars between the pines to another perch.
Blackburnian Warblers migrate thousands of miles to breed here in West Saugerties.

NOTE: Parnassus Lane is not a town road: it is privately owned by various property owners: we only own the part before Big Pink and somewhat beyond. We did not put up all the No Trespassing signs ( although we do have some ‘Posted : No Hunting” yellow signs, as most country properties do). A neighbor who is not too friendly to fans of Big Pink put them up, and he gives us a hard time often! We are actually friendly folks who are appreciate the fans.
We have had a few aggressive ‘visitors’ who demanded a tour and to be allowed to traps around the property, some thieves and vandals.. I’ve been slammed in the past by some who disagree with this request: please do not go walking around the house: please stay in the front ‘driveway’ area unless invited. Some seem to think we owe it to the world to let everyone stroll around snapping pictures at will, the general public doesn’t pay for upkeep & the high local property taxes! Or replace things that disappear!
Those of you who own houses are I am sure aware of liability issues regarding allowing access to all and everyone. Please understand our situation, trying to keep everything right!
So if you do somehow wander up the road, realize that the mean guy ( if you meet him) is
not affiliated with us, and if you ‘get lost’ somehow & happen upon Big Pink, why, maybe if you stop the car, do so on the Big Pink side of the road, you might as well stop, seeing as you accidentally came upon the place!